1956-1964 Type-B Reverse Washington Quarters

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1956-1964 Type -B Reverse Washington Quarters

This site display's a complete 9 coin set of Type-B Reverse Washington Quarters from 1956 to 1964. TheType-B Reverse is a business strike coin that was struck using a retired reverse proof die. These variety coins are very collectable in high grades (MS-65/66/67). Very few have been certified MS-67 and zero certified      MS-68. To the best of my knowledge the 1956 and 1961 are the rare ones to acquire in high grades (Population reports and time will tell). Rarity is in this order. 1956, 61,62,64,63,58,59,60,57. The 1957, 1959, 1960 and 1964 can be found in U.S. Mint sets with a little searching. 1959 and 1960 are the most common. All Type-B Reverses are listed in the Cherrypickers Guide to rare die varieties Volume II as FS-25-19XX-901. To date no Type-B Reverse's have ever been reported minted at the Denver mint.  

Description of the Type-B Reverse:

Wider separation between the E and S of States, The tail feathers are sharp and well defined, The leaf at the arrow tips was strengthened and rises above the arrow tips, The leaf below the arrow shaft was strengthened and touches the arrow shaft, The overall design has more detail.

NOTE: There are also several years that the Type-B's were coupled with Doubled Dies, Some of the 1957's were coupled with the Doubled Die Reverse # 7 and some of the 1962's were coupled with the Doubled Die Obverse # 5. Mintage figures are unknown. The pictures posted are of the 1957,1960,1961 and 1962 coupled with Doubled Dies. Other years include 59,63.

NOTE: The Type-B Reverse was NOT a mistake by the mint. The mint used left over used proof dies because they ran short on business strike dies. Used proof obverse dies were also used on business strike coins.


Please see Photo Album # 1 and Price Guide for Values


1964-D Type-C Reverse of a 1965

1964-D Type-C Reverse of a 1965. In late 1964 one clad reverse die was sent to the Denver Mint and stamped with the Denver Mintmark and was use to produce the Type-C Reverse. This is a very scarce coin to acquire and commands a premium in any grade.

Description of the Type-C Reverse:

Very few 1964-D coins are known to have the Type-C Reverse intended for use starting in 1965. These Type-C reverses coins show the leaves above the "AR" of DOLLAR sharp and the one leaf does touch the "A" of Dollar. The tail feathers on the Type-C reverse have a very distinct centerline. The leaves below the tail feathers are sharp and barely touch the tail feathers. The leaf in front of the arrow tips comes to a point where the Type-B is more rounded. The pick up point on the Type-C Reverse is the Tail Feathers. 

Please see Photo Album # 2 and Price Guide for Values