1956-1964 Type-B Reverse Washington Quarters

My Coin Page is where I can put anything and everything coin related and not just Type-B Reverse's. You never know what I will post here. All coins posted are from my personal collection. Oh!! And a little paper money and some other stuff to.

My contributions to numismatics to date include discovery or submission for listing of the following:

Discovered 2009 Lincoln Cent FY LP-2. Listed as, WDDO#7, CDDO#4, CONECA DDO#007, Copper Coins 1DO-007

Discovered 2009 Lincoln Cent FY LP-2. Listed as, WDDO#12, CDDO#5, CONECA DDO#005, Copper Coins 1DO-008 

Discovered 2012 Washington Quarter, Alaska Parks Danali. Listed as WDDR#5

Submitted for new listing. 1959 Washington Quarter, Listed as CONECA DDO#1 (1-O-II-C) Type-B Reverse Design Variety

Submitted for new listing. 1941 Washington Quarter, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-25-1941-01

Submitted for new listing. 1994 Brazil 10 Centavos, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-BR10c,1994-01

Submitted for new listing. 1974 Peru, .5 Sol, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-PE.5S-1974-01 (DDO-RPD)

Submitted for new listing. 1951 Franklin Half Dollar, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-50c-1951-01 (FS-401) Bugs

Submitted for new listing. 1954 Franklin Half Dollar, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-50c-1954-02 (FS-402) Bugs

Submitted for new listing. 2009 Washington Quarter (DC), Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-25c-2009-02 (DC)

Submitted for new listing. 1997 Brazil 5 Centavos, Listed on www.maddieclashes.com as TDC-BR5c1997-01 (DDO-DDR)

Submitted for new listing. 2001 Brazil 5 Centavos, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-BR5c-2001-01 (Class VIII DDR)

Submitted for new listing. 1997 Brazil 1 Centavo, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-BR1c-1997-01 (Class VIII DDR)

Submitted for new listing. 1995 Brazil 5 Centavos, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-BR5c-1995-01

Submitted for new listing. 1975 Brazil 10 Centavos, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-BR10c-1975-01

Submitted for new listing. 2005 Brazil 5 Centavos, Listed on http://www.maddieclashes.com/ as TDC-BR5c-2005-01 

(W= John Wexler, Wexler Files) (C= Billy Crawford, Crawford Files) (TDC= Typical Die Clash) (DDO= Doubled Die Obverse)

(DDR= Doubled Die Reverse) (RPD= Repunched Date) (FS= Cherrypickers Fivaz-Stanton)

1962 Washington Quarter, NGC MS-65, DDO#1 FS-101, Population 1 in any grade. Serial # 2622882-003.

1944-S Washington Quarter, Raw Gem Uncirculated, DDR#1 (1-R-VI). Extreme extra thickness on all reverse lettering.

1956 Franklin Half Dollar, NGC MS-66 FBL, FS-50-1959-402 (Obverse Die Clash) Doubled Die Obverse #2                              

1956 Franklin Half, PCGS MS-65 FBL, FS-50-1956-402 (Obverse Die Clash) Doubled Die Obverse. Serial # 03779481

1955 Franklin Half Dollar, PCGS MS-64 (1st Gen Holder) FS-50-1955-402 (Obverse Die Clash)

1954-S Franklin Half Dollar, NGC MS-65, Bugs Bunny FS-50-1954S-401 (Serial #2562877-019)

1951 Franklin Half Dollar, FS-401, Bugs Bunny, Raw Uncertified

1959 Franklin Half, PCGS MS-65, FS-50-1959-801 Doubled Die Reverse, Serial# 7373676

1963 Franklin Half, NGC MS-64, Bugs Bunny/ DDO, Serial# 3319702-029

1957-D Franklin Half Dollar, PCGS MS-65, Obverse Die Clash, D/D RPM Serial #24267271

1961 Franklin Half, NGC PF-64, FS-50-1961-803 Doubled Die Reverse, Serial #2475793-006

1957-D/D Franklin Half, FS-50-1957D-501 with Die Clash in Nose.

1954 Franklin Half, NGC MS-65, FS-50-1954-402 Bugs Bunny, Serial# 684156-011

1954 Franklin Half, PCGS MS-64 FBL, FS-50-1954-401, Bugs Bunny

1953-D Franklin Half, PCGS MS-64 FBL, Obverse Die Clash, D/D, Serial # 20128228

1957-D Franklin Half, NGC MS-64 FBL, Obverse Die Clash, D/D RPM, Serial #3288910-027 

1956 Franklin Half, Uncirculated (raw), FS-50-1956-401, Bugs Bunny

1959 Franklin Half, NGC MS-64, FS-50-1959-401 Bugs Bunny, Serial# 1738740-012

1963-D Franklin Half, PCGS MS-65, Doubled Die Reverse#1

1959-D Franklin Half (raw uncertified) FS-402 Type Obverse Die Clash (tuff date to locate)

1951 Booker T. Washington Commemorative, PCGS MS-65, Error Label. Coin number assigned is for a Franklin Half Dollar.

1941-S Washington Quarter, Uncertified, FS-25-1941S-503 Large S, URS-5, I-5 R-5                          

1854 Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar, Holed and Plugged. Paid $4.00 for this coin just to keep it out of the melting pot, It was on it's way out the door to be melted. 

1956 Washington Quarter, PCGS PF-68, Doubled Die Obverse #1

1962 Washington Quarter, DGS MS-64, FS-25-1962-101 Doubled Die Obverse # 1 (NOTE) This coin was recertified by NGC and is now in an NGC holder certified MS-65, Serial # 2622882-003

1953-D Washington Quarter, Doubled Die Reverse, FS-25-1953D-101 ***Scarce*** ( Cherrypickers corrected the listing to FS-25-1953D-801)

1938-1964 Complete Set Jefferson Nickels, All Choice Gem Uncirculated 

1964 Roosevelt Dime, NGC PF 68 Cameo, Pointed 9, Serial # 2572617-002

1946 S/S Roosevelt Dime, DDO#1, DDR#7, RPM#15, SEGS MS-64, An Error and Double Variety in one coin.

1880 Morgan Silver Dollar, VAM 50A, Doubled 80/Lower Reverse/Counter Clash and Struck Through Hair Reverse, URS: I-4 R-6

1922 Brazil 1000 Reis, Misspelled B-B-A-Z-I-L

1936 Brazil 5000 Reis DDO (Santos)                        2008 Chile (Misspelled C-H-I-I-E error)

1780 Mexico 1/2 Real, Circulated, Another save from the melting pot

Prancing Horse Obverse, Vine Heavy with Grapes Reverse, Thrace, Maroneia Greek Bronze 400-350 BC, Approx. 2400 Years Old.

2003 A $1 Federal Reserve Note, PMG graded 67 Superb Gem Unc.  Population 943/7

Japanese occupation note. These bank notes were made by the Japanese during there occupation of Malaya during World War II. No Serial #, Crisp Gem Uncirculated. 

10 Cruzeiros/1 Centavo Brazil Error Note, Crisp Gem Brilliant Uncirculated, Misspelled "Minstro" should read "Ministro"