1956-1964 Type-B Reverse Washington Quarters

Type-B Reverse Errors

I consider all Type-B Reverse Error's as being very,very rare. Very few are known to exist in any year or grade. If you have a Type-B Reverse Error please contact me and I will post it here and you will be given credit. Please no die crack coins, I do not consider a die crack's an error unless it is major.

1961 Type-B Reverse, Huge Lamination Error. Raw uncertified circulated

1957 Type-B Reverse Clipped Error. Raw uncertified circulated.

1962 Type-B Reverse, Lamination Error, NGC MS-65.

1960 Type-B Reverse, Raw Circulated, Lamination Error.  Coin Owned by: Harvey Bastacky.

1963 Type-B Reverse, Raw Uncirculated, Ragged Clipped Error.

1963 Type-B Reverse, Raw Uncirculated, Ragged Clip Error.