1956-1964 Type-B Reverse Washington Quarters

Frequently Ask Questions

What is a Type-B Reverse?

The Type-B Reverse is a business strike coin that has been struck using a retired reverse proof die. Proof dies are differant than business strike dies. (For pictures see photo gallery)

Did the Mint do this by accident?

No! The Mint ran short of business strike dies so they used retired proof dies.

How many Type-B's were minted?

No one knows the answer to this question. No records were kept by the Mint. Some experts state estimates as high as 10%. Please keep in mind that during the late 70's and early 80's many thousands of coins were melted for their silver value which included many BU rolls from 1956 to 1964 that contained Type-B Reverses.

Which Type-B is considered the key coin?

1956 is considered by many to be the the hardest to aquire in high grades. Although population reports indicate otherwise. (See population reports)

How many Type-B Reverses are in the set? 

There are only nine coins in the set so it is fairly easy to complete a nice set. Unless you consider the doubled die varieties which there are nine. This include's the newly discovered 1959 DDO#1.

Do third party grading services attribute this variety?

Yes! NGC, PCGS and ANACS for a fee will all attribute the Type-B variety. ANACS may attribute the Type-B's and include the Doubled Die variety. (Contact ANACS for more information). NGC and PCGS will not.

Is the Type-B Reverse worth collecting?

I think so! There are quite a few die hard Type-B Reverse collectors out there including members of this site and myself. Some of the finest NGC registery sets are also owned by members.